EYFS follows the curriculum of the UK Early Years Foundation Stage framework keeping in mind the needs of each child.  Our Learning community provides a strong start in education and development for the children so they are able to manage the transition into Year.2. The curriculum is based on themes of interest to young children that integrate our subjects and learning objectives; providing students with a stimulating and educationally challenging programme. We obvserve each child’s progression and work hard to ensure that all children acquire Language, Literacy and Personal Development by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The main areas of Learning:

•    Communication and language                
•    Physical development
•    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
•    Literacy
•    Mathematics
•    Understanding the World
•    Expressive arts and design                        

Creative Activities:

Music & Dance, Computer, Phonics, Thai Language/Culture, Water-Play, Yoga, Aerobics and Meditation, Art & Craft, Cooking, Snack Sharing, Dramatic Play, Field trips, Story Telling, Physical Education.
We provide opportunities for all children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of art, design, technology, music, movements, dance and play activities. Children are given opportunities to paint, draw and also learn new songs, rhymes and songs.
In the three years that your child is the Early Years Foundation Stage, they will experience a rich curriculum which focuses on their needs as a unique child. Our aim at MISB is to provide a secure and stimulating environment in which children flourish and become active learners.


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