Greetings from Modern International School Bangkok

To accentuate our progress and to establish our school as one of the best  A-level institution in the country, the school management, principal and teachers are working together to provide the best holistic education to the coming Yr.12 (AS level) batches in our school. Therefore, from August 2018 there would be few changes to the curriculum set up, admission procedures for the sixth form students so that our students can benefit the most from the school curriculum and environment.

Curriculum/ Admission Procedure at a glance for AS-Level (Yr.12) Admission for the Session 2018-2019

Eligibility for External Students:

External students can join the program with minimum 5C’s including English (ESL/English Literature/EFL) and Mathematics(Extended/Core/Additional).

If any students fail to attain these 5 C’s, his or her admission is entirely at the discretion of the school principal. All external students must sit for admission test and an interview with the school principal. All students are required to submit previous academic reports covering, at a minimum, their work and grades during the last school year.


Scholarship and Registration fees:

To register the student for AS level program, a non-refundable registration fee of 25000/-Baht must be paid along with the submission of Subject Group form for AS-Level Admission which will be later adjusted in the tuition fees. Scholarships are available for external students.

Subject Blocking:

Please read and adhere to the rules of subject blocking for the next academic year to avoid confusion and delay to choose the most appropriate subject choices for your ward.

Science Group

Professional Studies

Business Group

Humanities Group


Travel & Tourism

Environmental Management



Mathematics (C1/C2/M1/S1)





Environmental Management

Mathematics (C1/C2/S1/D1)

Environmental Management


English Literature



Computer Science

Information Technology



Psychology/   English Literature

Mathematics (C1/C2/S1/D1)

Computer Science/Information Technology

Computer Science/Information Technology

*Students are required to select any group and choose any 4 subjects from that group. Candidates cannot change the subject group at any point of your academic session.

* Science Students can take Edexcel Core Mathematics with Statistics and Mechanics whereas Business/ Professional Group students can take Edexcel Core Mathematics with Statistics and Decision Mathematics.


In addition to these subjects, there are compulsory components to the studies next year for all students in Year 12 (Students must choose any 1 from the given choices):

Group A

  • IPQ (Independent project Qualification- A diploma awarded by AQA Baccalaureate)
  • IELTS (International English language Testing System)
  • TLC (Tender, loving care and In-house Community based Assistance Program)
  • Academic Writing (To hone general writing skill for higher studies)

The IPQ and TLC seats will be limited, and the Principal has the discretion to seal off the maximum seat based on the aptitude of the student to avail these components.

PSHE and PE are compulsory subject for all students (AS and A-Level).

Additional Programs for AS and A Level Students:

  • In -house Guidance Counselor for University Assistance
  • Annual Residential trip
  • School Annual Camp
  • Internship programs for various groups
  • SAT Test center
  • IELTS Registration

For admission Enquiry and further details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact at: 0-2258-8222; Extension:139


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