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Registration Fees:

The registration fee for the academic year 2016-2017 is Baht 3,000. The completed registration form and all the documents must be submitted to the admissions office prior to the placement test and admission interview. This fee is non-refundable.

Admission Fees:

All new students entering MISB are required to pay a one-time admission fee. This fee is a non-refundable payment upon initial enrollment of a student.

Development Fees:

This fund shall be used towards campus development. The fee is waived for students entering Nursery to Year 1 and Year 10 – year 13 for the academic year 2016-2017 and should be paid upon initial enrollment of a student. This is a one-time non-refundable payment.

Payment Schedule:

Tuition fees for all students are due and payable in 2 equal installments. Below is the payment timetable for the school year 2016-2017

1st Installment: (50%)            Early years and Primary School          25th – 29th July 2016 

                                                Secondary School & A’ Level              1st – 5th August 2016

2nd Installment: (50%)            All classes                                            6th December 2016

**NOTE**- Transportation, Food and Snacks fees have to be paid before availing them.

   - Books and uniforms can be purchased only after the Tuition fee has been paid.

Late / Postponed payment: All fees must be paid during the specified payment schedule. A late payment charge of Baht 100 per day will be imposed on late fee payment;

After 31st August 2016 (for the 1st Installment)

After 6th December 2016 (for the 2nd Installment).

Cheque Returned: If a cheque bounces, a Baht 500 charge will be added to the invoice and the total amount has to be cleared within a week, failing which a late payment charge of Baht 100 per day will be imposed from the cheque returned date.

The School reserves the right to not allow the child to take the exam if the fees are not cleared by the due date and the report card will be withheld in the finance office.

Family Discount:

A family discount on Admission, Development, Tuition and Transportation fees is offered to families that have more than one child enrolled at MISB or who are enrolling more than 1 child. The children must be of the same parents. The discount shall be as follows:

First child: No Discount

Second child :

Baht 15,000 on Tuition Fees

Baht 10,000 on Admission Fees

Baht 10,000 on Development Fees

10% Discount on Transportation

Third child or more :

Baht 20,000 on Tuition Fees

Baht 10,000 on Admission Fees

Baht 10,000 on Development Fees

20% Discount on Transportation


Method of Payment:

  • Cashier’s Cheque payable to “Modern International (M.I.S.B) Bangkok Co., Ltd.” or “MISB”
  • Credit Card – VISA / MASTER (No Charge), AMERICAN EXPRESS (Charge 2%)
  • Bank Transfer to the school account. Please fax the pay-in slip to school at 02-258-8219 with the student's name, class and ID. (Please keep the bank pay-in slip until you get the receipt.)

Bank name:                 Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

Account name:            “Modern International (M.I.S.B.) Bangkok Co., Ltd” or “MISB”

Account No:                 204-2-03863-9

Branch:                        Citi Resort - Sukhumvit 39

Swift Code:                  SICOTHBK

Bank Address:             79 Sukhumvit 39 Road, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Cost of Bank Transfer, if any, must be paid by parents.

*Please collect the receipts after the payment*

Late Enrollment:

Tuition fee, General fee, Transportation, Food and Snacks fees shall be prorated for enrollment of less than a full semester by applying the following conditions:

Joined in the Month of Percentage to be paid
August-September 100%   of the 1st installment
October 80%   of the 1st installment
November 50%   of the 1st installment
December 25%   of the 1st installment
January-February 100%   of the 2nd installment
March 80%   of the 2nd installment
April 50%   of the 2nd installment
May 25%   of the 2nd installment

Withdrawal Policy:

Written notice of 30 days prior to formal withdrawal is required. The student will be required to sign the School clearance form and clear all obligations with the school before leaving.

Refund Policy:

Registration fee, Development fee, Admission fee, General fee, Transportation, Food, Snacks, Books and Uniform are non-refundable.

Written request for refund is required 15 days prior to the discontinuation of the services, failing which the refund will be calculated from the date requested.

The tuition fee is refunded based on the following conditions:

               Avail to the Month of                     Percentage to be refunded    

                        August                                     80%     of the 1st installment

                        September                              50%     of the 1st installment

                        October                                   25%     of the 1st installment

                        November                               0%     of the 1st installment


                        January                                    80%     of the 2nd installment

                        February                                  50%     of the 2nd installment

                        March                                     25%     of the 2nd installment

                        April                                        0%     of the 2nd installment


For students who leave the School and wish to re-enroll within a year, the Admission and Development fees would be 50% of the total fee.

Request for Documents:

-          Documents will be issued to students who do not have any pending fees.

-          Urgent documents (1 working day) will incur a charge of Baht 200 per document.

-          In case the documents need to be mailed, the charges are Baht 50 within Thailand and Baht 250 for overseas.

-          For the re-issuing of all the documents issued by the school there will be a charge of Baht 200 per document.

**All communications regarding financial matters need to be in written documents only.**